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Toward to Future Healthcare Successes

We provide consulting services in


Artificial Intelligent

Medical Imaging

Healthcare Data Analysis

Healthcare Online Learning 

Healthcare Big Data Systems

Healthcare Information Systems

Healthcare High-performance Computing System




MediX Computing LLC (MDXC) provides high-quality computing consulting services to prospective healthcare clients in nationally and globally. The company focuses on developing various data engineering solutions and online educational programs to help healthcare communities in data processing, analysis and mining, as well as intelligent-oriented healthcare information systems.




MediX Computing LLC (MDXC) currently take consulting project to support clients in the following domains:

(1) Help analyze medical and healthcare data

(2) Help design and develop customized healthcare software

(3) Support healthcare-related parallel computing and big data

(4) Design and develop healthcare big data systems

(5) Help develop online healthcare education systems




Currently, company is working several outstanding projects as such nano-enhanced thermal therapy modeling and simulation, image analysis in radiology information systems, parallel computing software for medical imaging, modeling of bio-transport in biological systems, stereological analysis and tumor biometrics, senior-nursing big data system design and implementation, Convid-19 virus spreading diffusion model and simulation, Convid-19 historical data visualization, and AI-BP neuro-network for lung cancer clinic diagnostic systems, etc.


MediX Computing LLC provides spectacular high-quality computing services to healthcare communities. It helps local small business and national healthcare sectors accelerates their operations successfully. 

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